We all know someone who is caring for an elderly or disabled parent. But what happens when that someone becomes YOU? What will you do? Will you be dutiful and move the parent in with you and your family? Or will a nursing home be a better alternative? Are there savings for long term care needs or will governmental assistance be needed? What will you do?

Most people have worked all their adult lives to live comfortably in their golden years. Many wish to pass on the fruits of their labor to children and grandchildren. But sometimes debilitating illness can prevent these goals from reaching reality. The average costs of long term care have skyrocketed over the last few years and the costs continue to rise. Without proper legal advice, a comfortable nest egg for retirement will be quickly depleted in a few months. We all have heard the stories from well-intentioned family and friends about how the government will take all your money or the family home before it will pay for nursing home care. This simply is not true. The laws have been designed to prevent a healthy spouse from being impoverished to in order to have the ill spouse qualify for governmental benefits.

WHAT WILL YOU DO? You can call us at Holden Law Office! We assist families in dealing with issues of asset management, government benefits eligibility and estate planning.



  • We can explain how certain assets are exempt and not counted.
  • We can explain how you can legally transfer assets without violating the Medicaid rules.
  • We can explain how planning for incapacity now through durable powers of attorney, certain trusts and other strategies can ensure that your family will have peace of mind in the future.

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